VIV Worldwide

VIV History

Almost 40 years ago VIV started as a concept for animal production in poultry and pigs in the Netherlands and became an
innovator on the subject. The VIV Trade shows expanded into Asia (1991), China (2000), Russia (2004) and the Middle East (2016),
to bring those regions new market places. VIV has brought them to new market places. VIV stretched its profile and shaped it to today’s requirements on meat safety. The concept is called “From Feed to Food”and involves all sectors in the meat, eggs and dairy production chain. Animal feed production and further meat processing are also added to the exhibition profile. As a result, the worldwide VIV exhibitions have been platforms where all participants in animal production can work together to provide the guarantees
consumers are demanding. Food safety is a global business – it’s your business!


全球VIV国际集约化畜牧展览会40多年前发端于荷兰,是家禽业 和养猪业的一个生产理念,最终成为该领域的革新者。
VIV展会 不断发展扩大,先后进入亚洲(1991)、中国(2000)、俄罗 斯(2004)和中东(2016)等地区,并为这些地区带来了新的
市场机遇 。随着人们对肉品安全要求的提高,VIV对其参展范围也进行了相 应调整,提出了“从饲料到食品”的理念。这一理念涵盖了肉
类生产链上的所有环节,动物饲料生产和肉类深加工也将被纳 入参展范围。最终,全球VIV国际集约化畜牧展览会已成为畜产 品生产加工领域的所有相关者携手合作的平台,共同致力于为 消费者的需求提供保障。食品安全是全球的问题 – 人人都应参

About the VIV organiser VNU Exhibitions Europe

VNU Exhibitions Europe is a daughter company of the Dutch trade show organizer Jaarbeurs. We organize trade shows,
conferences and summits outside the Netherlands. We have our own companies in China and Thailand, while our head office is in
Utrecht, from where we work on expanding the VIV brand around the globe. We employ specialists for every discipline, from market
managers to online specialists, from conference organizers to marketing professionals.


VNU欧洲展览集团隶属于荷兰展览组织机构欧洲荷兰皇家集团 (Jaarbeurs)。VNU在荷兰以外的地区组织各类展览会、会议
和峰会,总部位于荷兰乌特勒之,并在中国和泰国设有分公 司,致力于在全球范围内推广VIV品牌。
如今,我们可以提供越来越多的客户在线平台、网上商店和导 引性销售模型。我们活跃于全球市场,与众多知名展览中心建
立了合作关系,能够为我们的客户提供国际展会一站式服务。 只要您需要我们,我们将服务到底。我们能为客户的每一次展
会找到最佳举办地点。从市场经理人到网络专员、从会展组织者到市场营销专家,我 们的团队汇集了来自各领域的专业人士。

VIV Concept From Feed to Food

VIV covers the entire Feed to Food chain for the production of poultry, eggs, pigs, dairy and aquaculture. The international trade shows bring all the related suppliers and customers groups together.

VIV的理念  从饲料到食品